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Shoji Sliding Doors,  Windows, Pocket Doors and Wardrobe Doors

In traditional Japanese architecture, “A shōji (障子) is a door, window or room divider consisting of translucent paper over a frame of wood which holds together a lattice of wood or bamboo. While ‘washi’ is the traditional paper used, today, laminated materials and other more modern materials are used in today's shōji. ”

Exclusive Designs

Shoji Hawaii has created a lovely collection of traditional and custom shoji screens, doors and room dividers. Our screens and doors are hand-built using the finest woods and papers available.  Our shoji screens can be made to slide, fold, be used as closet doors, wardrobe doors, pocket doors or as a regular door.  See our installations for examples.
Select a classic or custom design, in the wood,shade and finish of your choice, all at affordable prices.

Functional Art

Make Shoji Hawaii screens or doors an integral part of your home design plan. Shoji doors add a sophisticated ‘look’ to any room with the delicate wood lattice work that overlays the opaque or translucent paper of your choice.  We want you to enjoy your walls, partitions and doors; they are a piece of art...

Our shoji screens can be designed for all kinds of purposes in your home or office. 

Add Value to your Home

A shoji room divider turns a studio into a one bedroom apartment, or a one bedroom apartment into a two bedroom apartment, etc.   At a relatively low cost this maximizes your property value or rental potential while adding beauty to your home. In addition, it keeps the cold air from the A/C contained and lowers your electricity costs while raising your comfort. See article in Honolulu Star-Advertiser.

Agile Architecture

Close your shoji doors and you have 2 separate spaces;  open the doors and there is one big space.

Complete Solution

We make sure that your shoji doors are perfectly installed and fully trimmed out.  Whether you need a header above the doors, a pillar to hold them up or a side panel to fill in a nitch next to the doors, we can advise and provide you with the best solutions.


We perform repairs if we have time available.  See our Repair page.

Custom Made on Oahu in Hawaii

Our shoji screens, doors and panels are proudly custom made on the beautiful Island of Oahu in Hawaii.  ShojiHawaii directly serves the greater Honolulu and all islands in Hawaii.
So, NO SHIPPING COSTS if you live on Oahu!

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