The room divider is made with seven panels, all suspended from a rail track under self supporting header (transom).  The header is very stiff and sits on a board on each side.  It is open to let ventilation through.  The panels can be pushed to one side and fold against the wall, maximizing the opening space.

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Installations (in Oahu, Hawaii)


4 Banana Leaf Doors grace Gaylord and Gail's house.  Even Beau the cat likes it!



A Japanese Tea Room for Marjorie


Pat's double circle doors with imprinted Shou symbol


3 Door opening with toe plate on top and bottom track. (Petie's)


A total of 9 shoji doors grace the Oahu apartment of Jane and Gary (Marshall Design Studio}.






Halawa1000 01

3 sliding screens can be moved to one side.


8 Doors at Rich and Holly's can be moved across the whole width of the wall.


4 Sliding screens can all be moved to one side.


 A set of 3 sliding doors, a wardrobe with folding shoji doors and a shoji inspired recessed shelves.


Jim has 9 shoji screens surrounding his bedroom (note that the curving is caused by the panoramic picture).


Built-in recessed shelves with lights.


The Shoji Doors at Karen's keep the A/C contained and the fish cool.



3 Panels that span 13 feet at the Ilikai in Waikiki made Ron and Pam very Happy!



Dave and Cindy ordered shoji barndoors


Antonio and David installed Shoji Windows in their Asian theme living room.

"I just got home from work and absolutely love the new shoji screens.  They look as if they were always there. Perfect.  Thanks again. "    -- Antonio


4 Doors at Erik's in Cherry outer frame with Beechwood grids in crosshatch style


2 Doors in Beechwood under a ventilating header.


3 Leaf Doors in Oliver's house.


Fixed screen and moving door in Marissa's kitchen.


Wenge barndoor for Alex' bathroom.


African Mahogany barn door for Marla



3 Hanging doors create a flexible massage room for Hawaiian Chair Massage Co.  Bamboo laminated rice paper.


Crosshatch design for Delbert and Gale


Bedroom entrance for Marcus and Florence, solid cherry doors under cherry i-beam header and cherry pillar to hold header and provide a jamb.



A Sapele wood screen door with framing trim for John and Alan


A shoji window for Alvin.

 "Thank you very much for such a beautiful piece of artwork that you added to my home.  Your professional installation and detail work is fantastic."




Before the shoji doors...



Covering the aluminum doors and the washer and dryer for Joyce


Closets and entrance door in bedroom for Frank



New front doors for Lynnette


Double Room Dividers for Steve



Antonio and David's Tea House have 23 Shoji Panels


Shoji Style kitchen cabinet faces (curly maple and mahogany).